Important info

About our products

All our face paints are premium products, manufactured and stored to the highest standards. They’re all certified for use on children and adults, and are used worldwide from children’s face painters to professional theatrical and film make up artists.

All our glitters are cosmetic grade and suitable for use on the skin, including the face. aRTy designs NEVER use any of the other cheaper glitter products available on the market.

Our temporary ink tattoos are high quality brands, non-toxic and certified for use on the skin with no hazards identified.

We only use all natural brown henna for tattoos. This type of Henna paste contains either Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil depending on where it is made and is used worldwide on adults right through to infants. Please note we do not use Black Henna, which is now banned in many countries due to allergic reactions caused by chemical additives used to make it black.

We use non-toxic water based pastel chalks for colour stranding hair temporarily. You can ‘set’ them for a longer lasting result by using straighteners or hairspray.  

All the hair accessories we use are washable, able to be styled in the usual ways and removable

About our methods

aRTy design is committed to providing the highest standards of hygiene.  We follow a strict method to ensure all our products are applied correctly and hygienically. For example, sponges for face painting are only used once, brushes and water are cleaned to best practice standards both on the job, before and afterwards.

“Never work with children and animals” doesn’t apply to us. We work with both! We both have young children and so are completely used to their funny, wriggly ways.

About us

We’ve been facepainting for many years and can bring this experience to your event. We know what works well with the younger age group and how to extend the intricacy of our designs as our audience expects more and sits for longer.

As you’d expect we hold full Public Liability Insurance covering all the services we provide for your protection and peace of mind.

We’re both professional and passionate about our services.

Formal stuff

We’ve been asked for formal risk assessments and method statements in the past where we’ve supported larger public events. These are up to date and available for corporate events purposes on request, along with our Public Liability Insurance certificates.

Helping your designs last longer

  • To help your tattoo designs last longer, avoid washing the area for at least 2 hours after application.  If your design gets wet, just gently pat the area dry. Avoid rubbing.
  • To help your face paint last, avoid eating or drinking or touching your face until your design is dry. Water will bring off the design so avoid rain!
  • Colourstrand hair will last longer if you ‘seal’ the colour in using straighteners or hairspray.  It may last one light shampoo, or you could use a dry shampoo instead of washing it for a longer lasting result.

How to remove your design

  • Just wash face paint off with soap and water, or you can use baby wipes. Occasionally with some of the very high pigment colours there may be a slight trace left. You can use baby oil or petroleum jelly on cotton wool to remove this.
  • Glitter tattoos and ink tattoos can be removed using baby oil on cotton wool, or they will wear off in time – up to 5 days.
  • Henna tattoos will wear off in 5-14 days. You can assist this by exfoliating gently, however they are designed to wear off in time.
  • Colour strands can be washed out with regular shampoo.
  • Hair accessories can be removed, if knotted in, by loosening the knot or, if beaded in, by squashing the bead to release the hair. Then just slide the accessory down and off.